Letsgocity is an integrator framework of local solutions and informations.

Letsgocity, the SmartCommunities’ framework

Within a world made of mobile applications, there is no room left for local app. At Letsgocity, we assume that it’s easier and more efficient to use one single inclusive application than a variety of app where each meet a specific need.

That’s where the Letsgocity’s Framework came from. An integrator of informations and services for users. This Framework can easily be adapted for all communities, it’s the ideal tool to access Smart Territories’ dynamic.

Wallonie en poche

Wallonie en poche is a mobile product made from our Letsgocity’s Framework. It’s a mobile interface for citizens. This tool centralize all local informations and solutions within one single platform usable by the citizen in his daily life. This app includes recycling point location, local agenda, date of garbage collection, … And more.

Connected Communities

At the same time, the app give the possibility for communities as well as all other connected territories to communicate with citizens trough push notification about event, news and alerts, but also to publish opinion polling.

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Wallonie en poche



After analysis of the case, our team will make sur to centralize all existing services in an intuitive and pleasant way.


For each new service available on the Framework, we integrate it on your solution to make it work in an automatic way.


Our UX/UI team support you to create the most attractive and intuitive experience for each new integration.


After the integration of your community, our team will make sur to create and implement a communication strategy (poster design, flyers, …) to get the best impact on final users.


Pierre Labalue CEO
Édouard Libion CTO
Guillaume Montagner UX/UI Designer
Léna Biérin Business Developer
Patrick Herbeuval Back-end/Android Developer
Maxime Scibetta Front-end Developer
Xavier Pochet Android/iOS Developer
Aurélien Wynant iOS Developer
Jordy Facella Android Developer